Peter Peereboom Dutch Artist (1952)

After graduating in 1975 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague Holland. Peereboom moved to Paris and opens his first studio at 17 rue Muller located on the steps of Sacre Coeur church. In the summer of 1979 he moved to a new studio at 26 rue de Gramont located in the banking district situated at the Boulevard des Italiens.

1980. The artist paintings depicted the “M” letter. The French textile firm Boussac 1986 chose one of these compositions. Called “Impression Peinture” and was exclusively hand printed in a limited edition. Several couturiers over the world used his MMMM. 1986 A member of the Beatles, “George Harrison” wore a special made MMM shirt on a press conference with the singer “Madonna” in London 1986 to promote their film “Shanghai Surprise” starring Madonna and Sean Penn.

All photographical images he shot from 1984 till 1988 in Paris had the female model as subject. These series of recordings called “Woman in Landscape” they are an important entity in his artworks. Peereboom changed their formats in 1988; the onset was more robust and broader.

In 1995 Peereboom departed from Paris and returned to the city of Delft in Netherlands. There he continued his photographical work on the female model: Liesbeth Odilia 1998.
The images were processed in series. The character of the woman was in sharp contrast with previous outdoor scenes made in France.
The intimacy and the lighting gave the pictures an enclosed nature. Peereboom processed the sequences on the computer and there was an almost cinematic rhythm in the edited shots. This led him to dramatically increase the size, the resulting series caused such a move, and where fit in the form of high definition images and edited later into films titled: “Athens and the Muse”
This film works started the European project, where the edited pictures can be seen in HDVD format on large screen, these always projected in the vicinity of temples and buildings of ancient Greek origin, such as the Parthenon in Athens, the projections will be on display in all major European museums and Archaeological sites till 2018.


1970-1975 Royal academy of arts the Hague Holland.1979 Opens new studio Paris France

1980 Museum of modern art Aarau Swiss. 1983 Stage design WCD ballet Rotterdam, New York.

1984 Centre Georges Pompidou Films and Photo-Drawings. Four Photographs in the museum Centre Georges Pompidou collection.

1986 Impression peinture Boussac-Paris. 1986 Sortie du livre IL Viaggio aux Bebert éditions. 1987 Paolo Salvador Gallery New York. 1987 Museum of Textiles Tilburg Holland

1990 Muséum of modern art Delft 1993 Invite d’honneur au Festival d’Art Contemporain, Le Mans. Exposition “Le Monde Le Mans” en collaboration avec la FNAC Photo.

1994 Institut néerlandais Paris en collaboration avec le musée De Prinsenhof Delft.

1997 L’Alliance française à Rotterdam. Le journal photographique d’une rénovation architecte Rem Koolhaas. ( Commande du Ministère des Affaires étrangères Français)

1998 Emission du 12/08/99 France Inter radio “Peter Peereboom et la Hollande (By Anne Sophie Lévy Chambon) 2000 Exposition, La maison des Photographes (UPC), Paris. 2001 Exposition, La maison des Photographes (UPC), Paris. Rétrospective 1981-2001 2002 Exposition, La maison des Photographes (UPC), Paris. The series Grand’s formats. 2003 Exposition, La maison des Photographes (UPC), Paris. Photo reliefs.

2004 Exposition “Structure / scripture” Photo Archives of North Holland Spaarnestad Haarlem

2004 Gallery Gabrielle Laroche Paris. 2005 -2010 Gallery Dautcourt Brussels.

2010 – 2012 Gallery Beeld the Hague. 2012 Sculpture Gallery Brussels. 2012 Gallery Gina Feder Murnau Germany.

2012 Museum of Ethnology Leiden Holland birth of the 11th Muse OdiliaMedia

The 11th Muse project Museums and Archaeological sites in Greece, Cyprus, and Holland.