The Muse OdiliaMedia meets the Woman reading a letter


The Muse will visit the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam in the near future; she will encounter the painted data used by the Dutch artist Vermeer of Delft.
He constructed his compositions by filling up tiny balls with color pigments, carefully mixed in oil paint. The artist even used in the 17th century the camera obscura, the predecessor of the today’s photography and projection.
The technique used by Vermeer in his painting “Woman reading a letter” is close to today’s photographical pixels. The photo-pixels are filled up with ink, coming from digital data and create together a photographical image….the Muse.
The model and Muse OdiliaMedia was born in Delft 1957 in the close neighborhood of the Vermeer’s former workshop and she admired the secrets and the silence in Vermeer’s paintings.
What will be the story they will tell us, those two women both changed in silence.