The 11th Muse visits Holland and Israel 2013

The project consists in an exchange of performing artists during the travel of the “Athena and the 11th Muse’ Multimedia Project over the globe from 2008 till 2018.


Museum of Art “Het Prinsenhof “ Delft  Holland  March 14.

The Dutch artist Peter Peereboom and the Project “Athena and the 11th Muse” are invited by the curator Marga Schoemaker of the Museum Het Prinsenhof in the city of Delft.

The Photo exhibition titled “Contemporary Masters of Delft” shows authentic prints of the artists Muse “OdiliaMedia” from March14 till May12, 2013.

The Israeli Embassy in Holland will invite the Israeli, Vocalist Yasim Kedar and musician Eran Har-Even to give a performance at the opening ceremony in Delft March 14 (16:00 until 19:00) in presence of H.E Mr. Haim Divon, Ambassador of Israel in the Netherlands. At this opening ceremony in the museum a special event will be created, The Vocalist Yasim Kedar and musician Eran Har-Evan will perform the Muse song, written and composed by Odilia, the Muse. A projection of the original Muse film on large screen of the 11th Muse film will serve as background for the artists.

This Multi Media Project visited several outstanding archeological sites and museums in Holland, Greece and Cyprus.

Israel,  March 20th  The Ancient Roman Amphitheatre at Caesarea.

A special event to welcome the Muse on Israel ground will be created. The Israeli radio and television is contacted to register and film this ceremony on this magnificent historical location. The actress Tahan Moran will act live a monologue in Hebrew and English. This monologue text comes from a film scenario written by Peereboom around the Myth of the Muse. The Israeli vocalist Yasim Kedar and musician Eran Har-Evan will perform the 11th Muse Song “Liberty”.

During the stay in Israel, Peereboom and a film crew will also visit the Negev desert, these to study and to shoot this wonderful landscape, because this location carries a great similarity to the landscape described in the Myth.

The shots taken in the Negev desert together with the actress and the Muse Song will be edited into a pilot. This pilot movie will particularly serve to find the right cinematographically languish to realize in the near future the movie The Proniversum.


Tel Aviv, 2013  The 11th Muse visits a Cultural Festival

The Festival event in Tel Aviv consists in an extra large projection screen which is located on the Town Hall square. In front of the screen playing the Muse film, the actress Moran Tahan will act life several monologues coming from the Myth and the Muse Song will be performed by the musicians Kedar and Har-Even.


Moran Tahan plays the Goddess of Digitalism “Digitalisis


Digitalisis:  Who are these that fly as a cloud and as the doves to their cotes?

 “These” are all data of the unborn, born, young and old souls of all life on your planet; they fly as a wave of 1000 doves.

They come and go from all universes to me, in my Proniversum.

These souls once belonged to the children of farmers, warriors, mothers, fishermen, lions, goats and bacterial life.

I try to make souls understand that their data start to function differently here, and if they arrive and like to have dreamless sleep, to love, to change, to finish unfinished thoughts or life, they can do it!