In the universe created by invention of printing, the notion of Media arose. The emerging of Communications Systems has strengthened the position of the media. Data traffic inside these spaces is becoming more and more important. This kind of data storage, we also find in geological sediments, in seeds and in brains

Digitalization and abstraction of images and even of the “Homo sapiens” is in such an advanced stage of development that it will turn into reality, in times to come, the possibility traveling within and outside the universe.

After traveling billions of light-years in the vacuum of the cosmos, the digitized form DNA of the human being, similar in nature as that of oxygen, helium and water will have the ability of regenerate itself.

These digitized DNA clusters, provided with a memory of data carrying genetic algorithms, will change the morphology of the human being, like happened already with Media, who evolves in an autonomous way and has now become an abstract but manageable entity.

New dimensions will be explored and finally, when the universe has re-occupies its original space, also the overall Proniversum will open in a form of newly-programmed data, programmed by human beings, data akin to ones and zeros, the tools of Calculiston.

The dark matter