After the birth of Media from color waves at the Dutch coast, Commukates and Energia run through the splashing waves and come to a standstill inside the spinning cloud of colored data pixels of the newly born phenomenon “Media”

 Fiery colored shrimps dance around Energia’s feet. Commukates is fascinated by their movements, ploughs his hands through the mass of dancing little animals and says:

 “So as paint is the liquid messenger between the artist eye and the canvas,

So Media is the black-light messenger between the actor and the receptor”

Energia turns her head in the direction of the sand dunes in the distance, cups her hands around her mouth and shouts to her mother Digitalisis:

“Who is that young woman on the dune, the girl who walks across colored fields?”.

Digitalisis replies: That woman is called “OdiliaMedia”; I am going to turn her into the Muse of the Media. Look, she collects colors!

Energia leaves the waves towards the young woman on the edge of the dunes and asks her:” What are you up to with all those colors, OdiliaMedia?”

OdiliaMedia says: “I use them to color my own image”.

Energia casts a glance of surprise at her mother. Digitalisis crosses the breakers and, with her hands, scoops shades of blue from the waves. She walks towards the two women on the dune and hands the blue to OdiliaMedia.

OdiliaMedia accepts the gift with a look of surprise on her face, and rubs the fine color pixels all over her body.

Digitalisis: “ From now on you are the 11th Muse, the Muse of the Media, your pixels are like sand. You may now go and travel and protect the Media across the entire Proniversum.

Commukates, Energia and Digitalisis kiss the Muse OdiliaMedia and move towards the horizon.

The newborn 11th Muse “OdiliaMedia” descends from the dune and starts her voyage.

The Myth revealed by OdiliaMedia