The forces encountered by human beings on their journeys, are part of the dark matter. That matter has the task to bring our universe back to his original state before her implosion at the Proniversum.

 At the interior of the Proniversum and in the presence of the partly invisible Disc-Neutrino-Clusters, the dark matter is the binding element. This matter has the property to absorb all energy coming from the gravity fields and thereby is able to move at high speeds across the Proniversum.

Around the spinning neutrino, spins in opposite direction the Prosont.

The Prosont consists of helium and has the function to serve as road planner and source of energy for the neutrino.

The neutrino has a strong relationship with what we know as a “pixel”, an empty carrier. The Prosont gets its energy out of passing light frequencies, passes this processed energy on to the neutrino, which converts it into

Anti-Light. The antimatter itself represents just one single entity,  “Black” the dark matter, the seemingly invisible…

The Studio Delft Holland 1998