High tide, the waves are flaky and turbulent.

Energia and Commukates are standing on a narrow strip of sand.

Digitalisis appears on the horizon line, which disconnects and lifts her gently over the breakers and deposits her in such a gentle way that no footprints are visible.

Here eyes change from green brown into bright blue.

 She then converts the color of the sea into primary colors, which are woven to shades by the wash of the waves and even the structure of the water changes into minuscule globules balls…into pixels. A multicolored pixel-cloud emerges from the waves.

 Energia puts her both her hands in this cloud; witch starts to spin around its axis.

Commukates throws two handfuls of sand into the colored whirlwind and this causes the pixels to communicate interactively, chemo-electrically, like brain cells.

 Media is born as “The Phenomenon”, a continuous manifestation of changing shape and light.


The 11th Muse, patroness of the Media