In the apparent invisible of the Proniversum a limitless space that encompasses also our own universe, plays the Myth of birth of the 11th Muse “OdiliaMedia”

The God WEB and his wife the Goddess Digitalisis rule over this Proniversum. They have a daughter called Energia, the Goddess of Energies, and a son Commukates, The God of Communication. 

Countless cloud-like disc clusters float inside this Proniversum, at some distance from each other, in a vacuous liquidum. Each cluster has a Chinese Lantern-like structure, resembling a tour of Compact Discs, and is a Universe by itself, programmed to function evolutionarily, autonomously.

One of these almost transparent clusters contains our Universe. An implosion caused by the God Vacuum of this universe reduced its content to a neutrino- like entity, which in turn exploded and is known under the name: ‘Big Bang’.

The explosive movement of our constantly expanding universe is nothing but the filling up of the empty space left by the preceded implosion, with the help of newly programmed data and dark matter. (Explosion = Evolution)

Interaction takes place by constant streams of communication between the discs and clusters, which contain all evolutionary data in pre-programmed form. From an evolutionary point of view, our current understanding of data and communication systems is a copy of this process. A significant amount of earthly data is being abused, or arrives in mutilated form.

The Goddess of Hacking, Hackoria, causes this.

Energia and Commukates wish to undertake the protection of these data, at first by a creation of a “phenomenon” called “Media”

Followed by Digitalisis, who provides “Media” with a protecting Muse called “OdiliaMedia”

The 11th Muse, patroness of the Media