European Art Project 2008-2018

The 11th Muse invites, connects and relates

                                    Human beings to human beings

                                    Generations to generations

                                    Cultures to cultures

                                    Nations to nations

                                    Era to era


The Muse travels all over Europe

The muse in each and every human being is a personal, private and mysterious reality. The muse is the essence of our soul. It is the artist’s privilege, passion and skill to transform his private muse into a universal experience. It is an experience that invites, connects and relates human beings to human beings, cultures to cultures, generations to generations, and countries to countries, era to era.

This artistic process of awareness and sharing is like purification. In this creative process essence emerges from imperfection, like a lotus flower emerges from its muddy pond of Darwinian life. The experience of timeless beauty is a unifying experience that brings sensitive human beings to the reverence of life itself. The essence of the muse is love. Veiled and unveiled by sages and artists of all times.

The muse of the Dutch artist Peter Peereboom is the timeless reality of his wife Liesbeth Odilia. She passed away in 2004 but is still alive in the reality and art of Peereboom. His art materializes in his photographs of Liesbeth, in her songs. These two elements are the basis of the various national events that constitute this phenomenal European project that symbolizes the development of the European Union as part of a unifying world.

The Muse Project started in 2008 at the Acropolis in Athens and will be invited by governments and organizations as represented by timeless icons of civilization. In Athens Pallas Athenae invited the muse. Aphrodite invited the muse on Cyprus. In Germany we dream the muse to meet Beethoven and in London Isaac Newton and her visiting the British Museum.  The project will end in 2018. The Muse Project inspires and supports the whole of political, Economical and scientific enterprises that foster peace and happiness in a broken world. The Myth in witch she is born travels.

Dr Albert M.C.Weijman (senior adviser of the Dutch Government)


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